Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015 by Dr Amna Amjad


Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015 by Dr Amna Amjad.

Assalamo alaikum..
Alhamdulillah i cleared my fcps part 1 in very first attempt..thnx to Allah Almighty..
I would like to share my experience hope it will help u people.
I completed my house job in may 2015 and WAS eligible for august attempt but i didnt coz i thought tym was short for me..so decided to appear in nov nd spent my house job in enjoyment and didnt study anything during hj..

I started my prep in aug nd gave almost 3 months to my prep…
Books which i followed..
During first month of my prep… i did brs physio.. brs patho(first 8 chaps)…head neck anatomy from big snell…pharma from first aid usmle..plus chandkians on daily basis like 100 or more mcqs daily..
In 2nd month of my prep..i revised brs physio.. brs patho..big snell head nd neck…continued chandkians now with rabia ali nd asim shoaib medicine..
Then i did general histology from nbde(just 1 read)..
General embrology from high yield..
Pharma i continued from first aid..plus tables of general pharma from katzung and a few topics from lipincott..(but first aid z enuf)
Dental materials from mccabe..just 1 read..then dentogist mcqs for it nd other dental subjects…
Neuro from first aid usmle..(no kaplan i did coz i hate neuro..wink emoticon..so usmle was enuf to grab imp things for neuro..).
Microbiology from first aid…
Biochem from first aid…
This much i completed in 2 months..
Now in first 15 days of 3rd month i took just first aid usmle and tried to do it upto maximum..first i did it system wise like cvs etc with its physio patho nd pharma..(special patho i did only for cvs..blood nd endo..)
Then embryology( it covered special embryo too..)general patho..immunology from first aid plus quick rev of micro nd biochem too…
Now the MOST STRESSFULL last 15 days of prep….
I quickly revised anatomy from snell review then nbde..
A quick read of dental anatomy nd oral histo from nbde and then i closed my books nd focused on high yield points on dr jahangir’s blog.. i did almost all high yield points alongwith bcq books esp dr jahangir’s book..
Just 200 mcqs from vijay coz i was short of tym..
High yield points of anesthesia nd dental materials by dr maryam malik r worth studying.. 🙂

So it was all about my pattern of prep..one thing i would mention that k jab b exam daen achi tayyari k sath nd confidence k sath daen.. do ur maximun effort nd leave rest to Allah.. HE doesn’t waste effort of anyone..
And keep ur mind relaxed although stress is natural but one who deals with it is successfull..
Cpsp doesn’t ask very difficult things mostly..it checks our basics..so b strong at them…
Work hard with strong belief in Allah plus alot of dua.. success is then definitly ur’s..
May Allah bless us and succeed us in all walks of life…

Dr Amna Amjad..


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