Experience of FCPS Part 1 by Neuro Cranium


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i cleared fcps part 1 in my first attempt alhumdullilah. I remember while preparation i used to have all those chemical locha going on that can i be amongst those lucky ones who clear part 1 in first attempt? and believe me everybody can . An average candidate can! Here’s my study plan.
I started with Anatomy: Snells review Head and Neck thrice. It took a day to complete that section along with back (spinal cord and vertebrae) region. Thorax i did main things Heart is outmost important topic. You need to know all boundries, relations, supply as well. I did look at Lungs and Ribs etc but superficially. Abdomen region from First Aid and it was enough given in section GIT.

i did study twice all course books like BRS Physiology and Pathology but a month and a half before my exams i closed all books and just did one book, that one book is key to success as told by many MBBS friends and i agree thats “First Aid Usmle” i did each and everything except special pathology. I did Blood whole and Endocrinology too.
Dental subjects: i did terse Dental materials, NBDE for Oral histology and oral pathology from Nevielle.
i was told paper is first aid and i could detect that in the paper it was all first aid bcq books jitne dafa kersako kero thats key to success. perhlo aur bcq solving technique naa aey then koi faida nae. i did not study for 14 to 16 hours. Thats for genius ppl . I read somewhere “STUDY SMART” and i did that so it does not matter you study night or day. You just need to study the topics that are important for FCPS and you are done.
At last my sincere advice: meny paper me buhat mehnat ki thi. Aik question ko chaar baar perha even i was sure about the answer i used to check all options. Sometimes we miss minor details. As i was appearing in online i did not have the benefit to review the paper before submission so i concentrated more. Online has benefit as only one question appears at a time and your able to solve it with full concentration.

Last but not the least i agree its ALLAH PAK. Nawazny wali ki zaat say barh ker kuch nahi. Maango aur etemaad rakho us zaat per .He will never leave you alone

My best wishes to all future candidates. You can do it! Every single one of you 🙂



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