Experience of FCPS Part 1 By Dr Umit Omer


Every one makes mistakes, but wise are those who learn from their mistakes and intelligent are those who learn from others mistakes.
I couldn’t clear my exam in first attempt, only because of over efficiency and as so i call, stupidity. Instead of focusing on main subjects and topics i was more into mbbs subjects and solving their type of mcqs, whereas our dentistry exam is different. We are tested differently.
I studied,

Pathology(special)-first aid
Pharmacology-kaplan(focusing more on ANS, Antibacterial drugs, Anesthesia, NSAIDS.
Gross anatomy- snell review
Embryo- langman.
Histo, Dental histo, Dental Anatomy, Biochemistry-NBDE
Oral patho- cowson. (Don’t waste too much time over it).


MCQ books,
Rabia Ali (second edition) do confirm the answers, it has lots & lots of mistakes that makes u stuck between two answers in exam.
Murad. I loved this book, but i suggest doing dentistry and head and neck portion of it. It is quiet helpful.
Dentogist– gross anatomy, biochem, microbiology and dental portion.

For my second attempt i added Asim and shoib– medicine and surgery. (The most relaible mcq book, and paper B has majority of questions from it.)

My strategy for my both attempts were, study the chapter and then jump into mcq books. Just the difference was, i started looking for the reason why key is A or B in my second attempt. If you look for the answer your self, you will remember the concept, and even in exam if a strange mcq comes, you will be able to tackle it. But don’t start wasting your time too much. And key is always always correct except for rabia ali. ?

While doing mcq, highlight the key point or word of that mcq, read all the options and double read the key answer, memorization k liye. ?

Just 2 hour before going to bed, read chandkin daily from the start of your preps till end. And start studying past paper 15 days before exam day. Spare your last day for past paper, read them as many times as you can.

Alot of people says, leave last 10-20 days for mcqs, do it as much as you can, but the thing is that, without theory you cannot pass this exam. It is equally important. I kept doing mcq after every chapter i finished till very second last day. I felt more relax and panic free.

Just a tip for your exam day, while solving mcq and you are stuck in a mcq, try choosing an option related to dentistry. And ek aur baat, CPSP ko option D and E bhut pasand he.

Do read articles posted in this Blog, it is life and time saving.
Use the group search bar alot, you will find explanation of for mcqs.

Entertain your self once or twice a week by watching movie or ARSENAL football match.

Plus, don’t forget to do exercise specially ABS work out, warna shape exam tak bigar jaegi. Lol

All the very best.

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  1. Awesome work uzair… Keep the good work up and congratulation. May ALLAH grant you more and more success in ur life…

    Last 2 lines per dil jeet liya lol… And i hate arsnal


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