Experience of FCPS Part 1 By Dr Rabia Shafique



Well Fcps part 1 is not a nightmare as we have conceived about it.
It just need few tricks, control on your nerves, loads of prayers and hard work. 
In my case story is a bit similar, studied each n every book but didn’t clear in few attempts.
Disappointed with my self, i found this group…(true blessing )


For repeaters and for beginners:
if you’re planning to give exam so plan ahead 4 Months. 

I’m sharing my study plan i hope many would get help inshAllah.
Start with BRS physiology and BRS pathology. Daily 1 chapter and do mcqs of Rabia ali along with the chapter. Likewise complete 1 read of rabia Alli mcqs book.

Once done with this 1st read of complete Physiology and Pathology grab ASIM SHOAIB Medicine and Surgery do complete mcqs from that book. 1St read done.
Then grab USMLE First Aid, give thorough read memorize important tables and charts, side by side do Chandikian. I finished it in 2 days med n surgery portions.

You must read all chapters of 1st aid, Pharma is enough, Pathology, MicroBiology, CNS, Histology, and Embryology all would be covered thoroughly so no need of any other book.
Once done with USMLE read, give RABIA ALI 2nd READ within 4 days.

Then comes fear of anatomy leave that for last, i did it from R.J. Last Anatomy Notes of head n neck. (MORE THEN ENOUGH ) revised all mcqs from Asim shoaib with in 1 or 2 days. 
*Then comes past papers from Dr Jahangir’s Blog of fcpspart1dentistry.com and his Booklet, learn them by Heart, it should be on your fingertips. 
Last week prep last read of rabia Ali mcqs within 4 hours, past papers within 4 hours and relax back pray and do all wazeefa and dont skip Namaz. Ask your Mom and Dad to pray for you.

And yeah books name i have already mentioned i haven’t read any Book other then these, Dentogist n murad didn’t helped me 😉 and if i have read extra books, it just wasted my time. Stick to the plan stick to good Books. Do solve daily online MCQs on Facebook page of dentistry but for 1 hour only. 
Key is less theory more mcqs :), good luck and don’t skip any attempts keep on giving. 


  1. where can I purchase Rabia Ali from ?? Also does anyone have a soft copy of Rabia Ali as I’m currently not in Pakistan!! I would appreciate if someone could give me the soft copies of Rabia Ali mcqs!!


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