Errata of Dr.Tanveer Notes for FCPS Part 1


1.Page No.68 Questio #48 its Right Marginal Artery for Inferior Wall MI.A CPSP Demo Question.

2.Page.No.50 Question #38 Spinal cord ends at Lower border of L2. A CPSP Demo Question. (L1 is also right according to Snell Anatomy but follow CPSP blindly for examination) Note:- in Grays Anatomy Spinal cord in Adults typically ends between L1 &L2
3.Page.No,35 Question #33 C-7 Seventh Cervical vertebra has Longest Spine.
4.Page.No,15 Question #33 Ureter Posterior to gondal vessles and Anterior to Illiac Artery
5. .Page.No.63 Question #73 Howship lacunae contain=Osteolclasts
6.Page.No.64 Question #97 Pacinian will detect High frequency vibration .Messiner will detect Low Frequency Vibration
7.Page No.94 Question #30 Enzyme in Saliva= Lactoferrin . compare it with Question #50 on Next Page

8.Page 74 Question #96 According to Ganong MCQ’s “4th Heart=Ventricular Filling” if ” Ventricular Filling” is not in options then click “atrial systole ”

9.. Page 46 Question#72 Esophagus=Passes throgh Left Crus of Diaphragm with sling of fibers from right crus.REFERENCE RJ LAST- – Snell says right crus but Prefer RJ LAST over Snell

in Session 7 after page 1117- next 8 pages are repeated i,e from 110-117


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