Errata of Chandkian 6th Edition FCPS Part 1


Below is the Errata of Chandkian 6th Edition. When you will read Chandkian 6th edition, kindly check this Errata as it will solve all mistakes. Hopefully it will help you guys.

2: A
88: C
148: C
197: B phenobarbital is a inducer
268: B
291: C at room temperature 60% heat loss via radiation.
358: D
360: C
420: A
424: C half life means 50% fall in 36 hrs half of 4 is 2 in 36hrs ..n half of 2 is 1 in another 36 hrs so it will be 72 hrs
482: B
497: Round ligament..
502: B if inulin in option then select it.. if not then select creatinine clearance
512: D read brs physio neurophysiology..motor system..because many mcqs cm frm this chap…
589: C anteroseptal V1 to V4 and anterolat 1.aVL.V5.V6
599: A
607: C
608: A upper trunk..suprascapular nerve and posterior cord..axillary nerve
633: C sweat gland uses Ach at postganglionic nerves
645: B to solve it easily first convert Cardiac output of SLit to 5000m1 then calculate stroke vol which will be 71 and then calc Ejection fraction by dividing SV wd EDV n it will cm 0.5
735: C
1141: C because NET means absorption +secretion
1198: B it is PAHA
1206: C antibodies formed in Spleen Antibodies formed by plasma cells
1221: A pump handle increases AP diameter
1240: B
1246: B liver thru IGF 1
1401: A….E is incorrect cz erythropoietin is produced by peritubular Interstitial cells and not epithelial.

11 A… mnemonic bd…bag dynamic n chain static
25 E
943: best A
949: D gamma motor neuron measures change in muscle length
953: C explanation gvn abv
954: C hamstrings..semitendinosus
976: A
990: B
1009: an increase in EF means a higher fraction of EDV is ejected in SV..volume remaining in ventricle after systole,ESV will b reduced..brs physio 5th ed pg 107 so B
1054: A
1086: E
1106: A
1108: B
1110: A
1125: A or C go e key
1141: C because NET means absorption +secretion
735: C
794: questions relevant to barr body r a matter of point of view..barr body seen when more than 1 X chromosome so wd klinefelter having XXY so here C
868: A ..gv Bneg to baby
893: FRC=ERV+RV so B
901: A ..bound cz cell mediated
914: E my point of view …barr body is not seen in turner as it is XO .we knw this, barr body only seen when there is extra X chrm..e.g.XXY 1 barr body..XXXY 2 barr body..XO no barr body
943: best A
25 IV artery supply inferior surface of both ventricles..main br of RCA so more specific
45: add Rt n G minimus
47: external fascia is colles n internal fascia is perineal memb
51: C CO2 is transported in 3 forms..dissolved in plasma 5%..bound as carbamino 5%…carbonic anhydrase in Rbcs 90%
62: A..margination is movmnt of wbcs to edge of bld vessel Pavement is attachment of wbcs to bld vessel Diapedesis is transmigration Emigration is movmnt of wbcs n fluids out of bld vessel
100: E most prevalent is Hep E n most common is Hep A
201: C 243 D vitamin b12..misprint
304: B…ruptured penile urethra…scrotum Ruptured bulbar urethra…superficial perineal pouch Ruptured membranous urethra …deep perineal pouch
448: A cz normally mast cells present in Dermis but in allergy cm to epidermis
512: D
549: do correction in question its R_R interval so HR will be 75…0.8 sec is normal duration of cardiac cycle
566: D
605: A
621: A
634: neural crest derivative..autonomic ganglia (postganglionic) and melanocytes
703: A is best
718: B
736: B
737: E monosynaptic reflex
745: B
763: B
794: D ext hallucis longus..causes extension,N/s deep peroneal nerve n root valueL5 51
806: B
841: c
843: B lifespan is 8-9 days
846 E tPA used in thrombolytic therapy
856: C
858: A
859: D
861: A
872: A …pustular peritonitis caused by pustular peritonitis caused by bacteroids
873: A…acid n neutral drug binds to Albumin…basic drugs binds to alpha 1 globulin
875: C
890: post cerebral artery…add it
891: B
931: B
959: A
978: D
980: D
999: key is correct D..mistake in snell review..0 can check frm any big text bk of anatomy
1000: C
1001: D
1003: A
1005: B
1011: B
1016: B
1017: A
1020: B
1022: B
1023: D
1025: A thromboxane A2 …thrombocytes
1026: B
1028: A
1030: A
1031: D
1032: A
1033: C
1034: C only Na reabs …Aldosterone Net Na absorption ..Aldo+ANP
1035: B
1036: B
1045: A best
1052: C
1054: B
1059: D if in options given fetal endothelium + syncytio it will be best otherwise go e key
1064: B
1066: C
1067: B
1073: A
1082: E
1083: B 5% dextrose is isotonic so easily dissolve in all compartments
1087: C
1090: C.
1092: E.
1093: A
1100: A.
1110: D
1112 B cz of recent valve replacement surgery mechanical destruction occur. It cant be D as Heparin induce Thrombocytopenia is rare and no bleeding occurs in it.
1122: E
1125: A.
1131: C
1132: B
1135: B
1139: D. Runs ant(infront) Root of lung…Phrenic Nerve Runs post(behind) Root of Lung… Vagus Nerve Over Root of Right lung…Azygos Vein Over Root of Left Lung…Arch of Aorta
1142: B.
1144: E.
1148: A.
1151: C. In 2nd degree heart block there r drop beats so if atrial rate approx 90 bpm then ventricular rate be approx 38 bpm
1154: C

Gynae n Obs
85 D 99 C physiological jaundice if more than 24 hrs
114: C.
118: D.
139: C.
175: D.
220: B.
229: E
291: D.
307: A.
309: A.
324: A
345: A.
355: A.
361: A.
372: B.
374: C
399: B.
407: A.
417: A

87: F
133: B

38: E.
53: C
92: A.
104: A.
106: A
7: B.
15: A.
57: A+D.
121: D.
148: C
164: A


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