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Download Dissection of the Human Brain  DVD

BOOKS NAME: Dissection of the Human Brain

Books SERIES:Anatomy

language : English

PUBLISH:June 30, 2007

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0878933271

File size:619 MB

File type:AVI

Publisher: Sinauer Associates Inc.

Author:Lennart, M.d. Heimer


The need in medicine and basic science for a sophisticated knowledge of human brain anatomy is greater now than ever before. Clinically, the emergence of ever more sophisticated brain imaging modalities and continually increasing capacity to precisely target specific sites for deep brain stimulation and focal lesions demand that neuroanatomical knowledge of the human brain keeps pace. Tremendous progress during the last thirty years in revealing details of neural connections and principles of organization of animal brains demands that the basic neuroscientist discern what these principles mean to the organization of the human brain, which is still best appreciated by careful dissection. No textbook or model can replace dissection of the human brain as the ultimate educational experience. Lennart Heimer, MD, one of the most respected neuroanatomy educators of his time, has created a practical guide for the systematic dissection of the human brain. This DVD contains two separate dissection guides. One emphasizes the technique of blunt dissection for the study of major fiber bundles, and the second focuses on surface topography, coronal/horizontal sections, and exploration of the ventricle system.



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