DHA Promteric Exam Questions 30 December 2016


DHA Promteric Exam Questions 30 December 2016

1. While performing blepharoplasty(or blepharotomy) surgery of the medial side of the lower eyelid, which structure could get endangered?
a. LAcrimal gland
b. Infraorbital nerve
c. Lacrimal canaliculi

2. What is incidence?
measure of the occurrence of a given medical condition in a population within a specified period of time

Incidence and prevalence case. there was a population of 1900. out of them, in 2007, 300 people were affected by a disease. Then in 2008, 150 more people were affected by the disease. What is the incidence and prevalence for 2008?
300/1600 & 450/1900
300/1900 & 450/1600

What best defines pain perception?
a. unpleasant reaction to obnoxious stimuli
b. different responses of different individuals to same stimulus
c. different interpretation of a particular stimulus
The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage”
Pain Perception: The process by which PAIN is recognized and interpreted by the brain.

What is ceramic primer? Bonding agent, Silane , Try in paste,

What is the best method for radiograohy of implant? CBCT, MRI , Positron emission,

Best way for biochemical of single implant supported retoration?

Multiple radiooppaque radiolucent lesions in both jaws seen on OPG, painless, doesnt expand bone, no extraoral or clinical findings, vital teeth?
Florid osseous dysplasia
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia
Peripheral ossifying fibroma
Multiples osteomas

DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course) was introduced by the World Health Organization as a control strategy for?
TB, HIV infection, H1N1, Mental retardation

A 8year old boy/girl came to the dental clinic. He had severe separation anxiety, was shy, etc. What was his/her behavioural age?
3 , 4, 7, 12

Functional appliance?
Bionator, Chin cup, Frankel appliance, Posterior bite plate …

A finger spring was to be used to correct a mild crossbite of upper later incisor. In which of the following situations is it preferabble to correct a crossbite with a finger spring?
Lingual tilted lateral incisor , 5% overbite
Lingual tilted lateral incisor , 50% overbite
Labially tilted lateral incisor , 5% overbite
Labially tilted lateral incisor , 50% overbite

Delcaficiation in case of fixed orthodontic appliances occurs most commonly on which surface of tooth?
Lingual, Interproximal, just behind brackets, just around brackets

% of Chlorhexidine mouthwash? 0.12, 1.2,

ppm or % in acidulated phosphate flouride? 1.23%, 12,300 ppm

Best way to prevent fracture in a ceramometal restoration?
Avoid sharp angles in metal substructure
Increased thickness of pocelain
Compensate increased space with either porcelain or metal
There was another option

Pt had undergone radiotherapy few years back for some oral cancer. He develoeped an ulcer that rapdly progressed into mandibular bone necrosis and eventually had to be resected followed by reconstruction of the mandible. What was the condition that had developed?
Osteoradionecrosis, Osteomyelitis,

Pt had kidney disorder (Pt. underwent renal transplant 3 years ago). No H/0 alcoholism or smoking. He developed a lesion on lateral border of tongue whcih was a white lesion with corrugated surface and shaggy and frayed, non scrappable lesion. What is it?
1. Chronic hyperplastic candidiasis
2. Hairy leukoplakia
3. Lichen planus
4. Idiopathic leukoplakia

Pt has undergone in office bleaching. But he needs composite restorations as well. When is the best time to get the composite restorations done inorder to assure best bonding?
Immediately, nest day, after 1 week, after 1 month

Motor supply of scalp? Temporal branch of facial nerve, Supratrochlear, Supraorbital, Auriculotemporal nerve (V3)

Picture of earpiece facebow mounted on a hanau articulator on earpiece rods (Pls check piks of facia type and earpeiece type facebow bows with their mouting position on Hanau H2 or Wide vUE articulator)
Question was asked about which type of facebow? Condylar, Earbow, Kinematic,

outline form of inlay when compared to amalgam?
1. Same B. LArger than amalgam C. Smaller than amalgam

22 year old female came to dentist with swelling in lower right posterior tooth.Pt. had fever and swelling. O/e PEricoronitis seen with partially erupted wisdom. Pt history says a similar thing has happened before. T/t?
a. Extraction of offending tooth right away
b. Extraction of offending tooth after symptoms subside
c. Only antibiotics
d. Operculectomy and antibiotics

11 or 12 year old girl suffered a trauma on the fromt tooth. Mildly Discolored tooth, Root fracture with radiographic wide space between the two segments. (Nothing was mentioned about mobility) Treatment?
RCT of coronal part
RCT of apical part

Case with blow to ride side of face, midfacial fracture, subconjunctival hemmorhage, hematoma(or was it bruising) in maxillary buccal vestibule, difficulty in opening mouth?
Lefort 1,
Lefort 2,
LEfort 3,
Zygomaticomaxillary complex #

Q – Typical post extraction pain?
Almost reduces by 5th day
Starts on 3rd day
Relieved by narcotic analgesics

Type of cementum seen on coronal 2/3rd
Accelulaur intrinsic fibre cementum
Accelular extrinsic fibre cementum
Cellular cementum

The type of tooth brushing technique in which side of bristles activated?
Modified stillman, Bass, Charter

Type of regenrative non graft technique required for type 3 furcation ?
Osseous coagulum

Best graft for ….. i think alveolar grafting
a. Vasularized corticocancellous graft
b. Non vascularized corticocancellous graft
c. Autogenous particulate graft

Loss of pit and fissure sealeant?
Water contamination
Brushing before sealant
(dont remember options)

Type of forceps used for extarction of maxillary premolars?
No. 1 universal, No 88 right and left paired , Maxillary No 205,

Instrument used for marking PPS?

Most common complaint 24 hours after denture delivery?
Denture roughnesss, overextended flanges, Increased VDO,

RPD Class 1 oppsing CD… Pt comes after 6 months, pain on chewing with abutment teeth. Whats the reason?

Treatment of recurrent herpetic ginigvitis ?
Oral 4% Vincyclovir
Topical 2% Acyclovir

Periodontal flap in which epithelial lining of periodontal pocket gets converted into attached gingiva?
Modified Widman flap, Apically positioned flap, Undisplaced flap,

Missing upper 11,12,21,22. Canine are strong , but some recession. FPD is planned. Which teeth we use as an abutment?
a. 13,23
b 13,23,24
c. 14,13,23
d. 13,14,23,24

Missing 13. FPD is planned. Which teeth we use as an abutment?
a. 11,12,14
b 12,14
c. 12,14,15
d. 21,11,12,14

15 year old girl comes to dental clinic with mild yellowish brown stains. H/o of teracycline medication in chilhood. which is the best method to removed those stains?
Microbrush abrasion with Pumice + Hcl
Home bleaching
Composite veneers
Polycarbonate crowns

Irreversible pulpitis has pulp?
Vital but abnormal

Curing time for P&F sealant?
10-20 secs
20-30 secs
40-50 secs
60-70 secs

old patient had multiple root caries. Best restoration?
A. RMGIC. B. Traditional GIC c. Amalgam d. Composite

pt had severe pain in right side of face since 2-3 or overnight (i dont remeneber) She cannot localize the pain. She cannot differentiate if the pain is upper or lower arch either. Multiple amalgam restorations seen in both arches. Whats the best tet to differentiate which arch is involved?
a. Thermal B. Electric, C. Cavity, d. Anesthetic test

Centric relation is?
Bone to bone, Tooth to tooth, bone to tooth

Endo treated Mandibular central incisor with narrow canal has tooth structure only 1 mm above gingival margin. Whci his the best post endo restoration?
Carbon fibre post with composite core
prebfabricated ss post with composite core
amalgam core
cast post core

Sinus tract present in relation to asymptomatic non vital / carious tooth – mesiobuccal root of 26. What is diagnosis?
Chronic apical periodontits
Acute apical perioodntitis

Width of Ginigval floor of Proximal box of amalgam?
1mm, 0.5mm, 2mm

Biocompatible material to be used for implant?

Bevel ised in small class 3 composite>
Full bevel, Long bevel, Short bevel, Hollow Ground (concave) Bevel

Alginate impression was poured in dental plaster. After setting and removing, the surface of cast was Rough chalky . Whats the reason?
Synerisis, Dehydration of alginate,

PPm in water flouridation?
1ppm, 0.1 ppm, 10 ppm, 0.01 ppm

Access for upper premolar having one lingual one buccal canal?
Ovoid, triangular, rhomboid, trapezoid

Incisal liability definition?
All permanenet vs Primary teeth
6 permanenet vs Primary teeth
central and lateral incsiors permanenet vs Primary teeth
All anterior teeth permanenet vs Primary teeth

Whenever possible , finish line should be?
Supragingival, subgingival, equigingival

In Pts with Diabetes mellitus, infections are due to defect in ?
PMNS, Lymphocytes, MAcrophages, Immunoglobulins

pulpal regression happens due to increasin age due to which type of dentin?
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

RPD clasp undercut? 0.010 inch

Microorganism in saliva in highter percentage?
Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Veilonella, Actinomyces

A 21 year old man comes to the dental clinic. You notice he has plaque amd calculus accumulation. A SCaler with elliptical motion was used in this patient for scaling. Which type of scaler ?
Piezoelectric, MAgnetostrictive, Sonic, Ultrasonic

Theoretically which Xray technique gives exact length of root canal ?
a. Bisecting angle, b. PAralleling technique

Strongest/MAin depressor of mandible ?
Digastric, LAteral Pterygoid, MEdial Pterygoid, Temporalis

Pulpitis from composite restoration usually occurs because of which content?
Polymer, Monomer

Incisal reduction for PFm / Ceramometal crown?
1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm

Composite matrix is composed of ?
BISGMA, HEMA< Mylar, Celluloid

After trauma intrusion was there, No PDL space, Root resorption …
Replacement resorption, Inflammatory resorption,

Prolonged Thumb sucking causes? Anterior open bite & Posterior crossbite

u have placed matrix band for class 2 amalgam . But bleeding starts… Whats the easiest way to control bleeding?
Cotton pellet and applying pressure for sometime
Gingival retraction cord
Applying temporary pack

Case: Adolescent boy with red erythematous gingivalmargins and interdental papilla blunted, halitosis, What is the diagnosis?
Necrotixing ulcertive ginigivitis
Herpectic gingivostomatitis

Which salivary gland is functionally more important in swallowing?
Anterior lingual
Von ebner

Case of swelling, pain in right submandibular region of jaw, and difficulty in eating which begins while eating, but symptoms subsides some time after having meal. It recurs only while having food. What is the diagnosis?

The duct of submandiublar gland opens?
Lateral to lingual frenum
2-3 opening in floor of mouth
Distal to maxillary second molar

How will you asses oral hygiene / efficiency of oral hygiene methods prescribed to the patient?
Plaque index, Calculus index

Advantages of ah plus over ah26?
Formaldehyde release reduced
Eugenol was added
Sealing ability is better

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