Controversial MCQs of FCPS Part 1



Controversial MCQs of FCPS Part 1

which of following cannot be palpted via vagina
B.vasicouterine pouch.
Key says b.

Usual cause of atrophy of breast in adult feml is def of
A.oestrogen and progestone
Key says a.

True regarding thymus
A.epithelil reticulr cels form hassles corpsuls
B.lymphoid noduls form much of thymic cortex
C.macrophage r essntial component of blood thymus barrier
D.t cell migratt into medulla wher imunological compitabt.
Key is a.

Most Lilkly cause of death in cas of gas gangrene wud b
Ans: B.

35 yr old lady lost her husband in car accident. she waz psychologically disturbed n developed ammenorrhea. most likey substance found to be increased would b
A: fsh n Lh
B: serotonin
C: dopamine
D: estrogen
E: prigesterone
Ans: B.

The most common factor which predispose to squamous cell carcinoma is?
a ) bowens disease
b ) leukoplakia
c ) lupus vulgaris
d) marjolin ulcer
e)senile keratosis
Ans: A.

Glucose transported from mother to fetus by
A: simple diffusion
B: Na cotransport *
C: primary active
D: passive diffusion Ans: B
(If facillited diffusion is present thn frst preference is to it) DVT arises from popliteal vein

Pulmonary embolism from femoral vein.

Patient on ETT, heat loss is by evaporation

Line of weight bearing doesnt pass thrugh A: acetabulum, B: arcute line, C: pubic rami, D: sacroiliac joint, E:sacrum,
F: Ischeal Tubrosity Ans F.. Rubella may cause cardiac defect in embyo at 8 to 9 wks s0 select the option nearest to it. Nipple and Areola of multiparouse womans breast are usually at the level of fifth intercostals. Pt when asked to look left,his left eye showed internal squint indicate injury of trochlear. Pathogenesis of venouse thrombosis in a60 year old female after major abdominal operation
Ans: Endothelial injury and stasis

Tumor with longest recrrence period is
Ans: malignant melanoma of uveal tract

Tumor which s not apudomas
Ans: Gastrinoma

Common biological agent for carcinoma of bronchus
Ans: cmv

Which drug dont cause gynecomastia
Ans: androgen (If androgen could cause Gynecomastia then every man will have it)

Oblique fissure
t3 to t6

Gastric motility increased by
Ans: Ach

Muscle forming inf relation with hip joint
Ans: Obturator externus

Radiationz usualy cause cancer aftr
Ans: 5- 10yrz

LP should b done at which level?

L3 -4 (BOTH L3/L4 or L4/L5 are correct but L3 is landmark, so select the option with L3)

Brain abscess common in Frontal > temporal (Answer: FRONTAL)

Synapses are absent in dorsal root ganglion

Sperms live in females body for 24-48 hrz (Controversy is there, Kaplan physio says 48-72 hours, but Moore Parsaud says sperm live upto 48 hours. The thing is Sperm live for 4-5 days but its capability to fertilize ovum is upto 48 hours. BOTTOM Line is: Select 24-48 hours but 48-72 hours option is also correct)

Which cells are involved in AIDs ——— Th2

What is the energy source after 48 hrs of starvation??
A: Liver glycogen
B: Muscle glycogen
C: Muscle protein
D: Fat (Triglyceride)
Ans: D

Most Commonly injured nerve in thyroidectomy?
Ans: Extrrnal laryngeal Nerve

After lung abcess cause of pneumonia is?
Ans: Staph aureus




PURPURAL SEPSIS –> (If group B strep is NOT there in options then) BACTERIOIEDS



MOST COMMON CAUSE OF PERITONITIS (Pyogenic or Spontaneous) –> E. Coli

Net tubular reabsorption of sodium –> Aldosterone and ANP

Mole for mole Na excretion –> Aldosteron

Just Na reabsorption –> Aldosterone

Just Na excretion –> ANP

Growth hormone is max rise in –> sleep

Differnce between first & second heart sound is –> Frequency ( pitch)

In cell cycle chromosomes replicate in –> Interphase

Splenic infarction –> CML

Philedelphia chromosome seen in cell –> Granulocytes (If question specify Cell  Select Granulocytes, If question asks Site  Select Bone Marrow)

Tearing of pelvic diaphragm durng child birth will paralyse –> Levator ani muscle

Ca of rectum metastasize to ?
A: Liver
B: duodenum,
C: spleen ,
D: kidney
Ans: A

Extravaseted urine from penile rupture, spreads to –> Scrotum

On vaginal examination, structure palpable is –> Ureters

Broncheal cartilages derived from –> Mesoderm

Broncheal epithelium and glands derived from –> Endoderm

Large amount of dextrose water will inhibit –> ADH

Erythropoietin released from –> Peritubular capillaries

Hormonal therapy in metastatic carcinoma, will cause –> Apoptosis

Withdrawal reflex mediated by –> Nociceptors

Typical presentation of Diabetese –> Wt Loss & Polyuria

The diagnostic lab test for the infection by streptococuss beta haemolyticus is –> blood culture.
(Remember: For Strep INFECTION –>  Culture
For Strep infection COMPLICATIONS (Post-Strep GN or Rheumatic Fever) –> ASO titer

Pus contains –> Neutrophils

Enzymes release from Neutrophils –> ( lysosomal enzymes). –

Negri bodies –> in Rabies

Guarnieri bodies –> in Small pox

Henderson-Peterson bodies in –> Molluscum contagiosum –

Bollinger bodies => Fowl pox

Prowazek Bodies => Trachoma–Halberstaedter

Cowdry type A => in Herpes simplex virus and Varicella zoster virus and

Torres bodies in –> Yellow fever

Cowdry type B –> in Polio

Cowdry type B => in Adenovirus –

“owl eyes” => in cytomegalovirus

Warthin finkeldey bodies => in Measles

In farmer’s cause of angiosarcoma –> arsenic

Meningitis after pyogenic lung abscesss –> Staphylococci


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