The Australian Dental Council (ADC) examination procedure is available to:
General dentists who:
• hold a university dental degree or diploma obtained after at least four years full-time academic study at an acknowledged university, or an appropriate qualification; and,
• have held full and unrestricted registration/licensure in his/her home country or country of training, and there has been no withdrawal of registration.

Recently ADC has updated their licensing procedure and it is divided into following steps:-

There are 3 steps to get an Australian Dental License if you are an overseas practicing Dentist . 

Step 1 : Assessment  

Step 2 : ADC-1 / Written exam / Preliminary exam 

Step 3 : Practical / Clinical Exam 

 Once you pass the Practical Exam, you are eligible and licensed to work in Australia as a General Dentist .

 Please check AUSTRALIAN DENTAL COUNCIL website for further information on the exam venues , fees , and exam handbooks. (



Takes upto 2 months depending upon how you prepared your application .

All documents , xeroxed and attested.

Certificate of Good conduct , in original , sent directly by the respective dental authority.

You must have finished your degree and internship and obtained your degree certificate before you can apply.



  1. Theory Exam:

Once you get your assessment letter , you can NOW apply for the ADC-1 / Written exam / Preliminary exam .

 The ADC Written Examination tests the dental practitioner’s knowledge and clinical judgement.

 Written examinations are conducted twice each year, in March and September. 

Each paper consists of some Multiple Choice Questions and some Scenario Based Questions .

There is no fixed distribution of marks among the two or among the topics , but a total of 80 questions are asked in each paper .

Syllabus and subjects for exam are present on ADC website(initial exam handbook)


  1. Clincal Exam:

Candidates must successfully complete the Written Examination prior to sitting the Practical Examination.

The Practical Examination is held twice each year usually  in June and November, at a number of locations across Australia. Venues may change subject to availability.

Candidates applying to sit the Practical Examination must have a valid Written Examination at the closing date of the relevant examination.

The Written Examination is valid for three years (3) years from the date that results are notified to candidates via the online Candidate Portal or the letter of notification of results.

Candidates will be required to complete 12 tasks from the following list, with the tasks allocated to candidates on each day of the examination. In addition, Infection Control will be assessed during the examination.

  • Class II amalgam or composite preparation
  • Class II amalgam restoration (on a pre-prepared tooth)
  • Class II resin composite restoration (on a pre-prepared tooth)
  • Class III resin composite preparation
  • Class IV resin composite restoration
  • Full gold crown preparation
  • Metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) crown preparation
  • Fabricate a provisional crown restoration for a pre-prepared metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal)  crown preparation
  • Endodontic access on molar tooth
  • Take nominated radiographs on a manikin
  • Rubber dam application
  • Clinical communication.
  • Dental record keeping

ADC Practical Exam is conducted in Australia only  .

 Passing this exam entitles you to an Australian Dental License and you can work as a General Dentist in Australia.

  For more information on Fees , Exam venues , and Exam handbooks , please visit the Official Website of Australian Dental Council (

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