Attachment/Residency in FCPS Part 2 and Problems


When candidates clear FCPS Part 1, they think that they have done everything and become glad that there will be no more difficulties and struggles. But when they apply for Attachment/Training all happiness fades away very soon. The reality is opposite to expectation.
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan is taking FCPS Part 1 exam six times per year. Candidates are passing in much more higher numbers than the candidates few years ago. But College of physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan does not provide their passing candidates with Attachment/Training. All candidates have to apply for attachment/training by themselves and they have to face problems.

Why we are using the word “Problem” here? Reason being there are not that much slots available for FCPS Part 2 Attachment/Training in different Colleges and Hospitals in Pakistan. All these Colleges and Hospitals take Test/Interview for selection. First candidates have to clear FCPS Part 1 which is itself a much tougher exam to clear, and then candidates have to go through Tests/Interviews. For all tests candidates have to wait until announcement. After announcement candidates have to submit forms, some forms are free of cost and some are upto 3000 Pkr.

For all tests candidates have to travel out of their cities as well. But still no “guarantee” that they will be selected for Attachment/Training. Passing candidates are in much more numbers than slots available. Some candidates get attachment in short duration of time and some have to wait for years.” No slots are available and large numbers of candidates are waiting”.

Time is very precious for Students/Candidates, but these problems are wasting the “Precious” time of Candidates. Meanwhile during this phase Candidates get depressed and disheartened. If “Two” out of “24” Candidates are selected then, what will remaining “22” Candidates do? And if they have cleared FCPS Part 1 then why to give more tests/interviews?

One more problem is that if among those candidates who get selected for those “Rare” slots, will they be Paid or not? Because there are colleges/hospitals, who are providing Unpaid Residency. So candidates have to bare all expenses.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan should solve these Problems. Students can not do much about these Problems. CPSP should increase the numbers of Slots for Training, they should force all the verified Colleges and Hospitals to have inductions in both January and July. Many Colleges and Hospital do not announce their program for January and July, they only announce for One Month. So CPSP should take action against this. CPSP should make sure that all verified Institutes provide their candidates with Steepened Attachment.

The most important step that CPSP should take is that they should Categorize the Supervisors, and each passing candidate should be provided with Attachment to those Supervisors according to the percentages each candidate gets. I think it is the time for CPSP to take more steps in order to maintain their credibility.

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