Acute complications of hemodialysis (Synopsis)


Synopsis on Acute complications of hemodialysis

Introduction / Background
Hemodialysis is a type of renal replacement therapy, providing the functions of kidney by artificial means when they are lost as in renal failure. Hemodialysis has saved many lives with renal failure over the years but it is not without risks. Many studies have been conducted to improve understanding of this procedure,improving its efficacy and understanding various complications.I work in medical unit II of Nishtar hospital multan which is ennaxed with the hemodialysis section. My study would be directed towards complications arising during hemodialysis.
to study frequency of complications arising during hemodialysisto identify various risk factors that may predispose to these complicationsto learn how to minimize these complications
Material and Methods
complications during hemodialysis can be recognised and dealt efficiently with better monitoring
Study Design : Descriptive Study
Sample Size : 100
Sampling Method : convenience non probability
Duration of Study : 6 months
Inclusion Criteria
patients undergoing hemodialysis
Exclusion Criteria
Data Collection Procedure
100 hemodialysis session would be supervised. patients undergoing dialysis would be interviewed and examined. Any new symptom or sign would be noted. All information regarding the patient and that hemodialysis session would be entered on a proforma. at the end of study it would be found out that how many complications arise and what is their nature. All the data would be entered on spss 10 and analysed accordingly. statistical test would be applied
Statistical Methods
dont know???
Similar Preliminary Studies
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